Optimize your insurance products

Insurgate makes it easy and fast for insurance companies and their intermediaries to market insurance products and collaborate effectively with each other.

Your insurance product center

A unique solution, open to new technologies, which allows each broker to optimize their operational efficiency. Insurgate is digitization at the service of the broker. The platform allows insurance companies to accelerate the development and distribution of products to brokers. On the broker side, your management and communication interface guarantees quality and complete client files. The result: better collaboration, priority treatment of your files by insurance companies, and access within the same space to a multitude of products allowing you to differentiate yourself and to deploy a local and very targeted marketing approach.

More product choice
More autonomy
Time savings
Sales increase

Product manager

Digital platform boosting broker productivity

Creation and deployment of products

Insurance companies define all the components of the offer and make them visible to their brokers in a few clicks

Access to products and drafting of offers

Choose the best products for your customers and write your offers all the way to the contracts

Efficient collaboration that accelerates your sales

Internal collaborators at insurance companies receive your requests and help you finalize your sales

Multi-brand comparator

The pricing tool dedicated to insurance brokers

Determine your need

Choose the type of property to be insured, select the companies you want to research, and define the coverages to include

Configure products with precision

Complete the data obtained thanks to the previous step and configure the products by adding or removing the desired options

Obtain the rates of the different companies

Synchronize and communicate your rates in one click

Additional options

Features for more intense rate comparison use

Multi-office brokerage

If you have more than three brokerage offices, access to the tool will be adapted to your business to maximize your results

Marketing and operations

Lead generation is already available as a marketing option and other tools are also under development

Custom features

Customization of the solution for unique situations and offices

Finally an IT solution that saves us time and allows us to discover good rates in companies that we were no longer considering.

Luc Petit - FDP Consult

Insurgate saves us a lot of time. It is easy to use and understand, and it’s very comprehensive. Our company discounts are directly incorporated which is great.

Dana Schryvers - Gerardy Assurances

We are very satisfied with the way it works. This allows us to offer more niche products that are important to us. We can never use enough of these products.

Alain Gilson - Bureau Gilson

The tool allows us to fulfill our role more efficiently, to work more easily with new companies and to manage increased volumes of business activities.

Benjamin Gilbert - Gilbert Assur

When I discovered the solution, I was seduced because we finally had something that worked. Being able to offer new products is critical to increase our profitability.

Luc Moise - Coalis

The tool makes it easier for us and is much simpler and faster. It is very convenient to be able to sync customer data directly from our CRM. We use it every day.

Lionel Hubert - Hubert-Errens

The market is moving a lot and very quickly. Without the tool, opportunities would pass us right under our noses. It saves us time and increases the quality of our offers.

Martin Geron - Assurances Pirenne

It is a real solution for the broker and constantly evolving. It gives us a clear view of the different companies' proposals and saves us precious time.

Valery Bertin - Bertin-SZABO Assurances

I am a happy customer. Thanks to Insurgate we now have market access through a solution that is easy to deploy, fast, efficient, on hand and less expensive.

Tanguy Verkaeren - Legal Village

Insurgate's biggest advantage is that we control everything. It can respond to our business needs quickly and effectively thanks to the solution's modularity and flexibility.

Clémentine Cazelles - P&V Insurance

Insurgate accelerates the time to market of new products at a very competitive and controlled cost, and can easily evolve with any future business needs.

Bakary Coulibaly - AXA

New features will be available soon

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